About Me

- Been playing music for as long as I can remember & although I can't remember much, I'm almost certain I've been playing for a really loooooonnnng time

- Acoustic Music has long been my passion and I can't play my acoustic guitar enough
- Live: I really like to play songs you're not used to hearing at a pub or at a party, at least not done by an acoustic guitarist
- My Current set up is:

  • - Martin OM-28e
  • - TC Electronic VoiceLive3
  • - Visual Sound H20 Chorus/Delay
  • - Xotic EP Booster
  • - Boss RC-3 Looper
  • - Pedal Train Pro Pedalboard
  • - MXR Carbon Copy
  • - Beat Buddy
  • - D'Addario American Stage Cables
  • - D'Addario Nickel Bronze 12-56 Strings

Interested in booking? Contact - don dawson (802) 289-4349 or acousticdawson@gmail.com

NEW PEDALBOARD IN PLAY Boss RC-3 Looper FS-5U pedal controller MXR Carbon Copy EP Booster MXR Flanger Visual Sound H20 Chorus/Delay TE-Helicon VoiceLive2 Pedal Train Pro Power Train 1250

My String Brand of Choice D'Addario Nickel Bronze NB1256